Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Music Video Finale

So for our new project in GT we are doing a MUSIC VIDEO. My team for this project is, Taylor, Kalista, and Mike. We are all really excited to do this project. Last year we did a music video and it was so much fun I had the best time making the video. Our song that we chose this year for the project is, Baby by: Justin Bieber. We chose this song because, it's a very fun and exciting song that we all agreed on. Its usually really hard to figure out a song because Mike usually doesn't agree with the songs that Taylor, Kalista and I choose. But for this song we all thought that it would be a fun and really funny song to do. For the project we usually just have fun with it and not take things to seriously because this class is to have fun and to not take things way too serious. Even though we had to go through some arguing and some struggles about this song we all agreed to do it at the end. I think that this is going to be such a fun song and it is going to turn out really well, hopefully we get first place like how we got first place last year!

Our storyline relates to our lyrics because, the lyrics to the song are about a boy who got dumped and wants his girlfriend back. Justin Bieber sings about his first love and all the things he misses about her and how he is never gonna move on. Even though the girl has moved on to another boy Justin still tries to get her back. Our storyline is about a boy (me) that misses my ex girlfriend (Kali) and would do anything to get her back, but I keep on getting rejected. My ex girlfriend has a new boyfriend (Taylor) and I get really sad and I start remembering all the things that we used to do together and all the fun we used to have. So our storyline and lyrics relate to each other because they are both about our ex leaving us and we cant get them back even though we try really hard to get them back. Even though they don't get them back they still keep on trying to get them and at the end in our story we all come together, and the lyrics shows that Justin just gives up.

I think that this music video is very good. I would be very proud to show this to all of my friends. We all worked very hard on this to make sure it was the best work that we could accomplish in this period of time. This music video is so much fun and has a lot of character in it. We really tried to have the best time possible filming and producing this video. We usually don't think about getting a good grade and stressing about it, we learned when we don't stress we do better. So for this music video we didn't stress and we just had fun and mostly laughed. From watching our music video and improving it I think it is very high quality and shoes the best work we could do. We tried really hard on this, hopefully people appreciate it and see all of the good quality in our video. So in conclusion, our music video is very important to us and please watch it, we really hope you like it and hopefully you laugh a little while watching!

Monday, April 10, 2017

Movie Trailer Premier

Our new project is doing a MOVIE TRAILER! It's going to be a lot of fun. So the movie trailer I am going to be making is called escape. It's about Two girls go out surfing one day. One girl finds wax while walking out and puts it on her board. She gets onto a perfect wave but her legs start to become weak and she falls off. She blacks out and later wakes up in a futuristic hospital with a bunch of people looking at her. I can't wait to produce it! Right now we are working on the story board and planning everything out so when we film we will be organized and ready for anything. With the process of making the plan we pretty much all worked on it as a big team. Kalista (team member) and I worked on the sketch together and the 4ps, while my two other team members worked on the script and making the plans on what we are gonna shoot. I also worked on the composition techniques video. I edited it all and put in all the voice overs. I can't wait to start filming our movie trailer it's going to be very fun and hopefully it will turn out great because we worked very hard on this project and we want all of our work to be worth it.

My biggest challenges doing this movie trailer was.... trying to get all the shots for our movie and making sure they are the best quality and are perfect. It was really hard getting the water shots because, I had to go in the water with a go pro getting all the shots and making sure it isn't wobbly while, having the waves crash on me and the water pulling me around. On the TV is looks a lot easier getting those shots but, in real life it is super hard and a lot of work. My teammate and I had to switch off filming because it was to tiring for one person to stay out there filming for the whole time. Our biggest successes during this project was.... getting all the land shots. When we did the shots on the land they all turned out perfect and they were very good quality. We tried really hard to get them right and when we looked at the we were so happy because they turned out so perfect. Another success was planning all when we were all gonna meet up. We all put in an effort to have an open day to film and we all talked to our parents, so there would be no confusion for filming and we got everything done and used our time very responsibly. Even though we need to re film some of the water shots I think for our rough cut it turned out great and hopefully the movie trailer ESCAPE will turn out wonderful!

I think that people didn't give us the right grade for our movie trailer.  We tried really hard to get every requirement on there, and we did we checked off everything that we did for requirements (everything was checked off). But for some reason people gave us 2's on it. I didn't think we deserved that, we tried so hard on this project and put a lot of effort into it. Even though the movie wasn't the best because we had a lot of scheduling problems we still were able to turn it in with our original plan and filmed everything and used all of our effort on this movie trailer. We had some problems with scheduling and having continuity but all we cared about was trying our hardest even though it wasn't the best. Truly I don't care if you had to take a test and got a lot wrong, all I care about is that you really tried and put a lot of effort in it. So for this project we didn't do so well with the outcome of the project, but that didn't matter to me all I cared about was that we put so much time and effort on this project and we did all we could do.

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Metamorphosis Animation

Our goal for this project is to make an animation about a story that we choose and make our story come to life. We are gonna try to have fun doing this and just let our ideas come out and make it real. We have 2 ideas we both like them one is Butter Finds Fly, the other is Blossom Blooms Elegance. For the 2 stories we have great ideas that could move us to reaching our goal. There both really good stories and we are gonna have a struggle figuring this out but I think we will be able to. I think with my team we will be able to accomplish our goal and have a fun and exciting adventure at the same time. Our animation type that we are going to use in our story is, either 3d or 2d. I would think that if we made a 3d animation video it would be more cool and be more realistic because nothing in our world is 2d. But it would be easier to use 2d instead of 3d, I think 3d is a bit more harder and time consuming then 2d. If we could use 3d we would do it. Most likely we will use 3d so we can make our video more realistic and have higher quality to it.

So our story is called Butter Meets Fly. The story is about a butter that is all by himself sitting around doing nothing. When he looks out the window he sees a butterfly and wants to become it. So he goes out and adventures. Then in the other scene there is a fly that sees all of his unique friends and wants to be something more then a fly. So he goes out to explore and try's to become something else. In the course of trying to become something different both of them overcome challenges during the exploration. When both of them get to the top of the hill they see one another and they instantly think we can morph together and become something unique. So they touch and become a butter with wings. At first they didn't think that was what they were gonna become but they liked who they are because they were unique and cool. The plot is overcoming all the obstacles they have to go through to get to one another.

I think all of us did really good in this animation! All the groups came up with cool things to do and, we all worked very hard on finishing this project on time with good quality. I am very proud with our class doing this project I think that we all earn a good grade. Our team did very well on our animation project we tried very hard this year on getting down animation and turning in our best project. Last year I had a lot of troubles doing animation so, I was scared this year doing the animation project. I think we did good because we had practice last year doing it so this year was a little easier this year. I'm glad that we did animation this year I actually like it a lot now since this year I actually knew more about it and how to use it. I'm very happy about my team and I grade. We tried really hard I think we could have done better but for our second time doing this we improved a lot this year then last year. I could see the difference in quality from last year to this year. Last year barely anyone finished it the way they wanted it to turn out and this year we all did good and were happy with how our project turned out.

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Geometric Portraits

I think that facial expressions are universal. Why I think they are universal is because, there is not only certain people that have facial expressions. Everyone in this world have facial expressions, that is just how we are born. There is not one person in this world that doesn't have facial expressions. If people didn't have facial expressions no one could see how you are feeling, for example when you are smiling people will probably think that you are happy most likely people will not think you are sad if you are smiling. If most people didn't have facial expressions more people in our world will not look as happy or show any emotion and everyone will have a blank face. If you were to look at someone who had no facial expression you would probably think that they were annoyed or mad, you wouldn't know what they are feeling.

Steps to making Geometric Portraits:
  1. Create new folder: Poly Portraits
  2. Open PhotoShop 
  3. Download your photo into photoshop
  4. Make the width 8.5 and the height 11 in
  5. Make your outline of your face (in red line)
  6. Then lock the outline and photo
  7. Then copy the photo 
  8. After choose half of your face (the copy image) and draw the triangles in it to fill it  
  9. Then flatten the triangles
  10. After you copy in and put it on the other side of the face 
  11. Turn your lines and grid off 
  12. Then you have a Geometric Portrait
So my Low Poly 1 wasn't as good as my Low Poly 2. Why it wasn't as good was because, my Low Poly 1 was my first project of trying to make a Low Poly so I hadn't got used to it. On my second Low Poly it was a lot more easier for me and it looked a lot better because I had done it before and wasn't struggling with it so much.  On my first 1 some of the triangles looked like they were connecting with one another and in the second Low Poly the triangles look more defined. Also in the first Low Poly the computer chose the colors for the triangle in the 2nd one I got to choose the colors and make everything more vibrant. What I think was the same is, in my face not all the shapes in my face were triangles like they were supposed to be. At times I got a little lazy and just filled the small spaces with other shapes. But I think that both of the Low Poly portraits were good and for my first time doing this they turned out pretty good. Over time they will get better and I will get more comfortable with doing this. 

                 Low Poly 1
                                                                                       Low Poly 2  

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Verbal Landscapes

Nature impacts my life in the best ways possible (most of the time). It impacts me by always having the right nutrition in the soil to produce different fruits and foods that humans can live off of. It also produces many different resources like trees that give off air to breath, wood to use for building, paper to write on and etc.... If we didn't have any nature around us we would most likely die. Not that much people appreciate what is all around us (nature) and really think about how much it helps us. Nature is awesome it produces so much for us if it wasn't here we wouldn't have anything to live off of. Back then everyone only lived off all the things nature provided for them they didn't have any electronics. They lived a wonderful life!

TimeLapes and Slow-Mos are created in a very cool way! TimeLapes are made by..... Holding the camera in a still position pointed at what you want to film. If you don't hold it very still or use a tripod your TimeLaps won't turn out very good. After you find your position you start it then hold it there for how ever long you want (REMEMBER TIMELAPS MAKE THE VIDEO GO FASTER SO IT IS SHORTER). I record mines for a long time (20min) and it doesn't turn out that long because it speeds it up. Now Slow-Mos! Slow-Mos are made by.... Putting your camera in the position you want it in. Then you start it ( NOW SLOW-MOS ARE THE OPPOSITE AS TIME-LAPS YOU NEED TO HAVE A VERY SHORT FILMING TIME BECAUSE IT TURNS OUT VERY SLOW). I film my Slow-Mos for about 5sec and it turns out to be a 25sec film. So this is how you make either a SLOW-MOS or a TIMELAPS! 

The hardest part of making this project was getting all the TimeLaps and SloMo's done. It was hard in just a couple days getting the videos. It was hard for me because I wanted to get the sunset but mostly everyday in Kilauea was really rainy and cloudy so it wasn't that pretty. But I got really lucky on Sunday I found a spot where it wasn't really cloudy, there was just a little bit of clouds. I  think out of SloMos and TimeLaps, TimeLaps where the hardest. They were really hard because you had to have the camera very still and hold it there for a really long time. I had to redo a lot of my TimeLaps because in the middle the wind would hit the camera and it would make the camera shaky, I couldn't just blade it cause the times of the video was different and it wouldn't add up. 

Thursday, September 1, 2016

Poetic Personal Statement

I think poetry is a type of literature that tries to stir the reader's imagination. The writer does this by choosing language for its meaning, sound, and rhythm. Some are very humorous and simple. Poetry is used for expressing the writer's feeling and what it thinks about other things. Poetry is a very strong language it can be very deep and meaningful. The writers that write poetry are very smart in writing and use words smartly. In poetry you can't put words together and say that is poetry, your really have to think about what you are gonna write and where to put it. I think poems can be personal because, you are the person that is writing it and talking about your personal feelings (sometimes) and your point of view not another persons point of view for the whole story. 

I travel the world through the ocean
Never stressed always blessed 
Walking on water through rain shine
Its no fairytale but its all fine
As you can see you will always be free 

In my poem I tried to use rhyme in it because it makes it more fun to read. I used it a little it was hard to rhyme words when I have a really good line that doesn't rhyme with the other sentences. I really wanted my whole poem to have rhyme in it but it didn't really fit with the story that I'm trying to tell.  Sometimes rhyming poems make the story more energetic and fun but in my story it didn't fit in all the sentences.   In a couple of my sentences I used rhyming words in it because,  I think it makes it more fun to have rhyming words in a poem. Also I used rhyming words because if I didn't use it my poem would just be sentences it wouldn't have any rhythm in it, it wouldn't flow the way poems should flow (sometimes).